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Brave Thinking Institute seeks a full-time Sales Manager to work hand in hand with our Sales Director in running our Enrollment Department.


Position Overview:

Full-Time Sales Manager

Full-Time Sales Manager

Brave Thinking Institute seeks a full-time Sales Manager to work hand in hand with our amazing Sales Director in running our world-class, fun, positive, Enrollment Department, for an incredible and savvy female-owned personal development business. Our mission is to empower people to create and live a life they LOVE. Not only our customers but especially our employees and leaders.

This is an opportunity to work, thrive, and grow in the field of personal development for one of the greatest female thought leaders, and heart-centered women business owners of all time. All employees are gifted Mary’s weekly Brave Thinking Masters Class to be sure everyone is embodying the principles we stand behind. That’s just one of the MANY highly valuable perks that come with this position.


Position Summary

We are looking for a world-class, soul-centered, results-motivated ‘mover and shaker’ who loves sales as much as they love growing and developing in the personal development world. Your role would be loving-up, supporting, and supervising a team of soul-driven sales reps to achieve the organization’s objectives of “one billion dreams achieved”! You will love making a difference in the lives of others while expanding sales and revenue. With each new sale, we make a greater impact in building dreams, and it’s an incredible feeling knowing your work directly impacts the awakening of the planet.


You will be responsible for supporting your team mentally to stay focused, spiritually to stay aligned with the institute’s teachings, physically to work efficiently and thrive  and emotionally helping team members leave their personal lives at home and come to work focused and aligned. All to say you will be providing support, guidance, instruction, coaching, and leadership skills to inspire and mentor your team to perform at their optimum. Having a strong background in personal development is foundational as we stand by our core values of living what we teach. Therefore, helping your team not only create and reach their weekly, monthly, and yearly sales goals, but also help them tie their sales goals to their personal “why” and their life goals and dreams is what this institute stands for.


If you LOVE helping people become ALL they can be, and reach goals they never dreamed they could, as a mentor, coach, and motivator, you will LOVE this position and this institute. If you are looking for a work environment, you can call a home away from home, you will love it here. If you understand, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and you would LOVE to connect your work life and your life purpose of helping others – this is the place for you.


To be successful as our heart-centered Enrollment Sales Manager, you should have a:

  • Track record of team motivation and positive sales results
  • Someone who understands that “selling is serving”, and someone who loves to surpass their goals
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to build quality relationships with the team and with customers
  • Be goal-driven
  • manage the day-to-day activities of the team efficiently with potential growth in the Enrollment Management Team
  • A high-level of personal integrity and want a work environment aligned with their spiritual depth, inner core values, and a place to grow into their greatness


Required Experience:

5+ years experience in Sales Development.

● 5+ years experience in Business and Leadership

● 5+ years experience in Personal Development

● Managing the day-to-day activities of the team

● Have a love for helping people

● Be heart-centered, and driven by achieving their dreams and helping others do the same

● Love to collaborate, create, support, and inspire

● Is naturally joyful, and enthusiastic, yet organized and results-driven

● Can provide emotional warmth yet deliver the hard truth when needed

● Experience in supporting team members mentally, emotionally, and physically to thrive at work.

● Able and willing to get on multiple sales calls each day and close deals

● Motivating the team to achieve organizational goals.

● Developing and implementing a timeline to achieve targets.

● Delegating tasks to team members.

● Conducting training of team members to maximize their potential.

● Empowering and coaching team members with skills to improve their confidence, product knowledge, and communication skills.

● Contributing to the growth of the company through a successful team.

● Creating a pleasant working environment that inspires the team.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Education / Experience / Background

■ Access to high-speed internet, dedicated and distraction-free workspace, and ability to meet all requirements of this role while working remotely.

■ Tech-savvy with the ability to learn new software and systems quickly.

■ Asana Task Management System (or similar + ability to learn immediately)

■ Google Apps - Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive

■ Communication Tools - Google Meet, Zoom, Slack

■ Zoho CRM


Work Environment

■ Likes working remotely in a heart-centered, soul-driven environment

■ Regular business hours required, Monday - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (minimum 40+ hours per week required) or Weekend shifts available.

Available to work on weekends during personal development Events, which you get to attend and sell at. A true “win-win”.


Salary: Full Time, 100K in commissions++ annually. This includes benefits packages (PTO, Holidays, Medical, Dental, Vision, & 401k).

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